Anonymous asked:

you're the cutest and pls draw something that makes yourself happy okay because you're so lovely to every single person you reply to pls and thank u

floccinaucinihilipilificationa answered:

Aah but everything I post here made me happy while drawing! (: I’m happy if you are happy, and whenever I’m stressed from a difficult drawing I go here to draw some silly stuff. It’s such a relief! I always loved drawing, but it used to stress me so much. It’s maybe hard to imagine if you look at the stuff I post here, but I am actually a hardcore perfectionist when it comes to things I like, and doodling and goofing around makes me remember whan I love about drawing and it’s super cool if cool people like you have ideas for drawings. Thank you for being cool! :3

And now I feel like drawing a little donkey! :D